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engine service and repairIf you think of your car like a human body, the engine is like the heart. And like the heart in your body, it runs nearly everything and you wouldn’t want anyone who isn’t a professional to tinker with it. At Mike’s Automotive, we have over 20 years of experience as a part of the Mt. Juliet, TN, community, and our technicians are the area’s leading engine repair experts. So whether it is a standard engine service you are in the market for, or if you need emergency engine repair in Mt. Juliet, TN, you can trust the experts at Mike’s Automotive.

Engine Service Mt. Juliet TN

People think of engine service as the tune-ups of yesteryear, but those have gone the way of Blockbuster Video and the fax machine in newer model vehicles. Simply put, today’s engines are built to last, and outside of your standard oil changes, very little service is required to keep them running. Your engine will see most, if not all, of its service as part of the standard 30/60/90k milestone services every car needs. If you are due for these services, or your car’s engine is aging and you simply want to make sure it will last, Mike’s Automotive can help with your engine service in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Engine Repair Mt. Juliet TN

Like we said before, you only want the very best technicians to work on your heart or your engine, and those techs can be found a Mike’s Automotive. If you hear clunking from your engine while it is running, you notice an excessive amount of exhaust, or your check engine light is activated, you might be a candidate for engine repair in Mt. Juliet, TN, from the engine experts at Mike’s Automotive. Our team has handled every engine problem under the sun, and we can definitely help with whatever yours may need. If you suspect you need engine repair in Mt. Juliet, TN, don’t put it off; a small problem can become a major one overnight. Instead call the experts at Mike’s Automotive.

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Your car’s engine is easily one of its most valuable and important components; without a working engine you basically don’t have a car, you have a couch with doors and wheels. So whether you need an engine service or emergency engine repair in Mt. Juliet, TN, trust the team at Mike’s Automotive to get the job done right. Make an appointment!

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