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oil changes and maintenanceWhen you first learned to drive, who taught you? Was it a parent, a friend, a grandparent? Whoever showed you the ropes hopefully went over more than just the gas and brakes, they also went over the importance of car maintenance as well. Things like how to change a tire, check tire pressure, and to follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule are every bit as important as turning the steering wheel, and the single most important maintenance service you can have performed is the oil change. This simple maintenance service is imperative to keeping your car running the way you expect, and when you need an oil change in Mt. Juliet, TN, you need to bring your car to the oil change pros at Mike’s Automotive.

Oil Change Mt. Juliet TN

Having your car’s oil changed is the single easiest and, and also most important, thing you can do to to keep your car running and performing how you expect. When you bring your car for an oil change in Mt. Juliet, TN from Mike’s Automotive, we will completely drain the worn oil in your car’s engine. We then replace it with a fresh batch of synthetic, semi-synthetic, or conventional oil, depending on which is right for your car. We also replace your oil filter, which keeps dirt and gunk from mixing with your engine oil. Recommended for about every 4,000 miles in most vehicles, the oil change in Mt. Juliet, TN, from Mike’s Automotive is the number one way to keep your car running right.

Preventative Maintenance Mt. Juliet TN

At Mike’s Automotive, we can service or maintain every single part of your car, not just the engine and its oil. If you look in your car’s owner’s manula, you’ll see a full list of services and when they should be performed. Are you behind on any? If you are, the pros at Mike’s Automotive are waiting to help get your car up to date on all your preventative maintenance. Just give us a call!

Oil Change Near Me

For the very best oil change in Mt. Juliet, TN, and for all your other preventative maintenance services, trust the team of ASE-Certified technicians at Mike’s Automotive. We’ve been in our location and serving the community for over 20 years, and our team is here and waiting to help with your maintenance and oil changes. Just swing by, give us a call or make an appointment and we will make you a customer for life!

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